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Into the Lantern


We’re thrilled to be setting out on an epic new journey, creating content and concepts for Maine Maritime Museum‘s 2017 permanent installation, Into the Lantern. The museum will be expanding their building and creating a working replica of the east lamp (using the original lens) at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. We don’t want to give too much else away, but are excited about all the material we’ll be making in the coming months. Caroline Losneck will be collecting audio for some additional amazing sound creations that will comprise Into the Lantern. Having created a number of other immersive audio/video installations for museums and events, we’re excited to expand upon our ideas for this project! #intothelantern

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Film Festival Weekend

We had a great time screening our film, Diver (co-produced w/ Caroline Losneck) at both the Camden International Film Festival as well as the Newburyport Film Festival this weekend. Some interesting Q&A and an opportunity to see some great work by a number of other super talented filmmakers. Some great sessions at CIFF’s Points North where we were able to hear from industry forces like Andrea Meditch, David Teague, and Alex Gibney. We were also lucky enough to have our underwater cinematographer Heeth Grantham on hand as well as our subject, James Sewell. (some of the Q&A and post Q&A photos from CIFF are courtesy of the talented Alexandra Morrow)


We are excited to be collaborating with the forthcoming Home/Resilience project. As part of this project we’ll be producing a few videos about the installation. But to get things started we just whipped up a quick piece on the old theater in Augusta, ME that will play host to H/R- The Colonial.