Chasing Buckner

Chasing Buckner tells the story of Bill Buckner, a great baseball player known unfairly for his error during the 1986 World Series between the Mets and the Red Sox. During the game, Buckner allowed a ground ball to roll through his legs and allow the winning run to score for the Mets. Up until 2004, when the Red Sox finally won a World Series after 86 years of futility, Buckner was a scapegoat for many fans.

Drawing on his own misfortunes in baseball, the filmmaker builds an understanding of Bill Buckner and the difficulties he has endured in the last 20 years. On the doorstep of Little League glory, Christoph had his dreams shattered when his mother shipped him off to summer camp in New Hampshire mere days before his team began their quest for an eventual championship. As he endured swim lessons and intramural soccer, his mother dutifully sent him newspaper clippings detailing his team’s success. Not lost on Christoph, was the minute detail that in his place the perennial benchwarmer had come through in the clutch, winning a decisive game for the team.

After years of coping with both the Red Sox championship drought and his own grudge against his self-created nemesis, the Benchwarmer, the filmmaker finds himself more open to change as the Red Sox arise victorious in the 2004 World Series. He aims to vindicate Buckner and prove that a good man and a great ballplayer have been treated unfairly because of one mistake.

Category: Documentary