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NGO Video

HealthRight NGO Video

We’re excited to be working with HealthRight to create an NGO video that highlights some of their work in Uganda. HealthRight is one of very few global health non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with the ability to deliver integrated health solutions that address mental health for the most vulnerable populations. They support holistic health programming in Burundi, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, Ukraine, the United States and Vietnam. We’ll be producing work for a few of their markets as they continue to grow.

Gun Violence

We don’t usually do this much in this space, but I’m encouraging anyone who supports us to support this GoFundMe created by our friend, Gloucester, MA author and book dealer, Greg Gibson to help educate about gun violence and its long-lasting effect on survivors. We volunteered our time to create the video for the campaign and the PSA (created by filmmaker Mark Davis) can be viewed here. Please donate if you can and also check out

Portland Press Herald profiles Good News

We were pleased to chat with Dennis Perkins from the Portland Press Herald for a short article about our film, Good News– made with Caroline Losneck. The piece details our experience in the Bayside neighborhood of Portland as we talked with our subject, Edgar Gatto about making the film.

Ranked Choice Voting | Washington Post

We got a chance to produce some work for The Washington Post in a report on Ranked Choice Voting in Maine. We followed Jared Golden in Bangor, Maine as he toured the streets and chatted with small business owners and constituents. Caroline Losneck conducted the interviews as we chatted with residents of the area as well as Mr. Golden himself.

Justin Chenette campaign video

We had a blast producing this campaign video for Justin Chenette and his campaign to continue as Senator representing the communities of Saco, Old Orchard Beach, Hollis, Limington, & Buxton Maine. Chenette, 26, is the youngest member of the State Senate. In 2012, Chenette made history by becoming the nation’s youngest openly gay legislator and Maine’s youngest lawmaker at age 21.

Good News


Very excited to premiere our new film, Good News, at the 2018 Camden International Film Festival. The film has been a year in the making and was co-produced and directed with frequent TLM collaborator, Caroline Losneck. It’s a statement on evolving neighborhoods and what happens when change sweeps through a city. We hope you’ll check it out.

Ethnographic Market Research

We produce ethnographic market research work about focus groups, site visits, and in-home discussions. We’re excited to show off our new reel of ethnographic market research work. We work with with planners, market researchers, and focus group moderators to create compelling documentary work that gives personality to the opinions they’re analyzing in their research.

Curious about what ethnography is? For us, it’s a documentary study, but more like embedded journalism where we get to hear opinions and learn about all different types of people and their lives and preferences and interests.



Immersive Installations Reel

We wanted to show off a compilation of our immersive installations collaborations with Caroline Losneck. If you know a museum or organization that wants to turn a compelling and creative idea into an amazing immersive installation with interactive elements and audio and video stories and texture, keep us in mind. We’ve created works in crumbling old theaters, film festivals, and major museums. We can facilitate the construction of set-pieces, as well as technical elements to make incredible and engaging immersive installations.

Lighthouse Stories by Caroline Losneck

As part of “Into the Lantern” for Maine Maritime Museum, our own Caroline Losneck produced three short audio stories about lighthouses and their keepers.

  • Into the Lantern- panoramic timelapse
  • Into the Lantern- watching Beyond the Harbor
  • Into the Lantern- interactive
  • Into the Lantern- audio stories
  • Into the Lantern- Ernest DeRaps
  • Into the Lantern- the crowd
  • Into the Lantern- behind the lamp
  • Into the Lantern- Keeper

Into the Lantern opens at Maine Maritime Museum

In late winter 2016, a proposal came our way to create video for an immersive installation that would recreate the experience of being inside the eastern light at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

The permanent exhibit features a panoramic timelapse we created from the window of the eastern light, two documentary shorts, Beyond the Harbor (about the Portland Pilots) and Keeper (a brief history of lighthouse keeping) as well as three lovely audio stories from our own, Caroline Losneck.

It was a night to be remembered and certainly amazing to see it all come together. We really enjoyed the experience of creating content for a museum and are excited to hear the response to this permanent part of the Maine Maritime Museum. So go check out, Into the Lantern, soon!