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Keyround: a better key ring

We were psyched to produce  new video work for Portland, Maine- based company Zootility Tools on a new campaign for their take on the key ring, called Keyround. It’s a really well-crafted, no-fuss key ring. We’re always psyched to take a walk through their shop to check out what’s on tap next- and there’s some really cool stuff.




We are excited to be collaborating with the forthcoming Home/Resilience project. As part of this project we’ll be producing a few videos about the installation. But to get things started we just whipped up a quick piece on the old theater in Augusta, ME that will play host to H/R- The Colonial.

Whole Foods roadtrip


If you’re looking for True Life Media in May, you’ll likely find us doing some short doc pieces for Whole Foods at various stores around the country. We’re excited to work with such a cool company and look forward to trying indigenous samples everywhere!


We had a unique opportunity to assist Flotrack in filming the 2014 Ivy League Track and Field championships at Dartmouth in Hanover, NH. Here’s their fantastic edit of a world we’ve seen little of up close.



Timelapse on the road

What it looks like when two people drive for miles and miles. Inside and outside the car.


Hujar Day 8

Our last day of the first leg of the Hujar project it snowed- seemingly for the first time in a long time. Luckily we spent our Saturday inside the Hide/Seek exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum checking out some of Peter’s work as well those by other luminaries such as Nan Goldin and Robert Mapplethorpe. Jonathan Katz gave us a critical eye on Peter’s work and he and Stephen took a stroll around the galleries, examining Hujar’s famous Susan Sontag photograph amongst others.

Hujar Day 7

We braved the cold and enjoyed a day at Matthew Marks Gallery with a few interesting subjects including Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons. Antony used Hujar’s photo of Candy Darling on her Deathbed for his album cover. If you haven’t heard his music, his voice is amazing. Check out a video. Antony plays Radio City 1/26.



Hujar Day 6

A day trip to Long Island to visit with master printer (and photographer), Gary Schneider. A real treat to get to see Gary’s giant camera and some of his long-exposure nudes in person. Hearing the intricacies of the photo craft was truly amazing for the whole crew. Plus, Gary had some very interesting bits about Hujar, for whom he printed.

Hujar Day 5

Down in Chelsea at the PPOW Gallery we took in some extraordinary, psychedelic paintings by Thomas Woodruff– which had nothing to do with Hujar but was interesting all the same. We also chatted about close friend and disciple, David Wojnarowicz. PPOW has a number of David’s works- definitely check it out.

Hujar Day 4

A day trip to Princeton allowed us to witness Juan photo bomb our b-roll experience, take in the beauty of the ivy league (there was real ivy!), and enjoy some strange Greek food. We also got to hear some great thoughts by the Princeton Art Museum’s Joel Smith.