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Film Festival Weekend

We had a great time screening our film, Diver (co-produced w/ Caroline Losneck) at both the Camden International Film Festival as well as the Newburyport Film Festival this weekend. Some interesting Q&A and an opportunity to see some great work by a number of other super talented filmmakers. Some great sessions at CIFF’s Points North where we were able to hear from industry forces like Andrea Meditch, David Teague, and Alex Gibney. We were also lucky enough to have our underwater cinematographer Heeth Grantham on hand as well as our subject, James Sewell. (some of the Q&A and post Q&A photos from CIFF are courtesy of the talented Alexandra Morrow)

Diving for Scallops- NY Times OP DOC

Jamie underwater copy 2



We’re elated to share a new piece we produced with artist, filmmaker, and radio documentarian, Caroline Losneck (@CarolineLosneck) the NYTimes Op-Docs series, called Diving For Scallops. Underwater footage was filmed by Portland, Maine underwater specialist and all-around talent, Heeth Grantham. It’s been a long process, but it’s been worth it. A longer version will playing a number of film festivals this fall.

New short film (Coming Soon)

Video Production Portland Maine

A new nautically-themed short film created and produced with longtime collaborator, Caroline Losneck (@carolinelosneck) is coming soon. We’re very excited. Looking forward to sharing in the coming months.

Kristin Chenoweth at Sardi’s NYC

ABC News

We had the opportunity to do a quick shoot with the lovely and talented Kristin Chenoweth at the famous Sardi’s in NYC on Tuesday. As part of Mother’s Day appreciation, Good Morning America just did a piece on the book, A Letter to My Mom. Check it out here.


We are excited to be collaborating with the forthcoming Home/Resilience project. As part of this project we’ll be producing a few videos about the installation. But to get things started we just whipped up a quick piece on the old theater in Augusta, ME that will play host to H/R- The Colonial.

Maple Sugaring Wins Eddy Awards


We are honored to be recognized by Edible Feast for our 2006 piece on Maple Sugaring from Benner’s Farm in Setauket, NY. Excited that this piece still has value and holds up over time.

2015 Reel

Our 2015 Reel is finally finished. Have a look at some our work from the past few years, including our much-lauded Farm, our pieces for the Portland Food Coop, Maine Women’s Fund, Whole Foods, and many others.

March to End Violence

We were honored to take part in a March to End Violence in Portland on December 7th, 2014. The march was organized by the NAACP amongst others. This is a small record of the day (filmed on our exciting new Sony FS7).

Wild Horses

A short clip from a shoot for an upcoming doc we worked on called Searching for Home. Couldn’t resist putting a little music accompaniment (© Drover by Bill Callahan)


Maine Women’s Fund

We just finished a piece for the Maine Women’s Fund, a public foundation, creating lasting change by investing in the power of women and the dreams of girls. The piece was created using available photos and new footage from the organization’s annual luncheon.