Good News


Very excited to premiere our new film, Good News, at the 2018 Camden International Film Festival. The film has been a year in the making and was co-produced and directed with frequent TLM collaborator, Caroline Losneck. It’s a statement on evolving neighborhoods and what happens when change sweeps through a city. We hope you’ll check it out.

Ethnographic Market Research

We produce ethnographic market research work about focus groups, site visits, and in-home discussions. We’re excited to show off our new reel of ethnographic market research work. We work with with planners, market researchers, and focus group moderators to create compelling documentary work that gives personality to the opinions they’re analyzing in their research.

Curious about what ethnography is? For us, it’s a documentary study, but more like embedded journalism where we get to hear opinions and learn about all different types of people and their lives and preferences and interests.



Immersive Installations Reel

We wanted to show off a compilation of our immersive installations collaborations with Caroline Losneck. If you know a museum or organization that wants to turn a compelling and creative idea into an amazing immersive installation with interactive elements and audio and video stories and texture, keep us in mind. We’ve created works in crumbling old theaters, film festivals, and major museums. We can facilitate the construction of set-pieces, as well as technical elements to make incredible and engaging immersive installations.

Lighthouse Stories by Caroline Losneck

As part of “Into the Lantern” for Maine Maritime Museum, our own Caroline Losneck produced three short audio stories about lighthouses and their keepers.

  • Into the Lantern- panoramic timelapse
  • Into the Lantern- watching Beyond the Harbor
  • Into the Lantern- interactive
  • Into the Lantern- audio stories
  • Into the Lantern- Ernest DeRaps
  • Into the Lantern- the crowd
  • Into the Lantern- behind the lamp
  • Into the Lantern- Keeper

Into the Lantern opens at Maine Maritime Museum

In late winter 2016, a proposal came our way to create video for an immersive installation that would recreate the experience of being inside the eastern light at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

The permanent exhibit features a panoramic timelapse we created from the window of the eastern light, two documentary shorts, Beyond the Harbor (about the Portland Pilots) and Keeper (a brief history of lighthouse keeping) as well as three lovely audio stories from our own, Caroline Losneck.

It was a night to be remembered and certainly amazing to see it all come together. We really enjoyed the experience of creating content for a museum and are excited to hear the response to this permanent part of the Maine Maritime Museum. So go check out, Into the Lantern, soon!


Partnership for a Healthier America

It’s been awhile since we posted, but we’re looking forward to seeing the release of new work we created in collaboration with ThreeTwelve Media on a series of videos for the nonprofit, Partnership for a Healthier America. PHA brings together public, private and nonprofit leaders to broker meaningful commitments and develop strategies to end childhood obesity. First Lady, Michelle Obama is their honorary chair. We couldn’t be more excited to be involved with the cause.

Stanford: SEED

We’re excited to have formed a working collaboration with Stanford University’s SEED program. We’re producing content for their program which assists individuals in developing economies with building infrastructure for new businesses.

Meeting Bill Buckner

Bill Buckner with Christoph Gelfand

Christoph was thrilled to get a chance to meet childhood hero, Bill Buckner at Hadlock Field in Portland, Maine. Buckner, a tremendous ballplayer for many teams (including the Red Sox), was the subject of our lauded 2006 film, Chasing Buckner. Buckner was kind enough years ago to watch the film and send some positive feedback.

Into the Lantern


We’re thrilled to be setting out on an epic new journey, creating content and concepts for Maine Maritime Museum‘s 2017 permanent installation, Into the Lantern. The museum will be expanding their building and creating a working replica of the east lamp (using the original lens) at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. We don’t want to give too much else away, but are excited about all the material we’ll be making in the coming months. Caroline Losneck will be collecting audio for some additional amazing sound creations that will comprise Into the Lantern. Having created a number of other immersive audio/video installations for museums and events, we’re excited to expand upon our ideas for this project! #intothelantern

Keyround: a better key ring

We were psyched to produce  new video work for Portland, Maine- based company Zootility Tools on a new campaign for their take on the key ring, called Keyround. It’s a really well-crafted, no-fuss key ring. We’re always psyched to take a walk through their shop to check out what’s on tap next- and there’s some really cool stuff.