We had a unique opportunity to assist Flotrack in filming the 2014 Ivy League Track and Field championships at Dartmouth in Hanover, NH. Here’s their fantastic edit of a world we’ve seen little of up close.



Production Hub


Not sure what this means exactly but Production Hub says our profile has been one of the 100 most popular for video production in New England. So if you didn’t think going to our website was awesome enough, check out more TLM at the Production Hub site.

Portland Food Coop



Wondering where we’ve been in 2014? Busy working on a new piece for the amazing Portland Food Coop! The coop is set to open its storefront doors in Portland, Maine in September 2014. We’ll be posting our finished piece as soon as its ready. Very excited to help spread the word.

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Emerging Pro

A few months ago Christoph was named a finalist in a contest held by elite camera manufacturer RED and the magazines HDVideoPro + DigitalPhotoPro. He had an opportunity to shoot with the RED Epic and create the piece Farm in collaboration with friend, Robin Wiesner. The resulting article about the production of Farm is printed in the December 2013 issue of both magazines- check out the article here!

Farm (a short documentary)

We recently got an opportunity to play with the RED Epic and really enjoyed playing around with it on small doc about a farm we just completed. Using some Canon and Rokinon lenses we were able to create a dream-like feel that relied on the natural sounds of the farm to carry the piece. The Epic hosts a whole mess of functionality- most of which be barely had a chance to use. But the slow motion was truly epic (no pun intended). Thanks to old friend and collaborator Robin for taking the time to show us around Wolf Pine Farm in Alfred, Maine. And also to the kind family that owns the farm for letting us tromp around their fields for two days.

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Fyke Tide

We had a wonderful time debuting Fyke Tide, a collaborative installation with Caroline Losneck as part of the 2013 Camden International Film Festival (CIFF). The installation is a little glimpse into our work documenting the 2013 elver eel fishing season in Maine. We installed a three-room fyke net portal into the rivers of Southern Maine. Using audio interviews with eel fishermen, and natural sounds from the woods and river banks, we assembled hundreds of pounds of nets (with the amazing assistance of Christopher Byron and Zack Barowitz), enclosed with found foliage, and added multiple projections from the project to create a cozy and mysterious world within an otherwise raucous party. We’re hoping to build on the momentum from the event to do larger installations in Maine and other US markets.

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CIFF 2013 Installation


We’re excited to be producing an installation with Caroline Losneck at the Camden International Film Festival this weekend. Saturday night 9/28 around 10pm @ Bicknell Factory Building in Rockland, ME. Here’s a brief synopsis: A mysterious journey along the waters of the Presumpscot River in Southern Maine. Fyke Tide is inspired by Maine’s elver eel fishermen and the eels themselves, a species shrouded in myth. Documented between March and June of this year by audio producer Caroline Losneck and documentary filmmaker Christoph Gelfand, Fyke Tide is a dark journey through the fyke nets and beyond – an illuminating glimpse into the lives of fishermen during a season in Maine’s second-most lucrative fishery. Combining the rich sounds and imagery from the river and the men who fish it, the installation conveys the dedicated routine and longstanding traditions of the eel fishery.




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Interviews with Brokaw + Weinstein

Christoph had a unique opportunity to conduct a few quick interviews with Bob Weinstein and Tom Brokaw this past week. It was a great honor to be in the presence of such lively personalities and have a chance to chat with them when the camera was off.


Scam Alert

Garcinia-Cambogia Scam


UPDATE: We have learned that anyone who has purchased a weight-loss supplement called Garcinia Cambogia may be getting billed by a company called Bio Nutra who is billing under our company name. Weird, right? If you have questions you can call the company (not us) directly at 877-687-6823

This is a warning to anyone who has been billed $70-80 on their credit card using our name with an LLC attached. We love meeting new people, but there are better ways to do it! Please consult with your credit card company and let us know who the company is that is using our name.

Thompson’s Point

Another in a series of Buildings Lost. In collaboration with Portland, Maine audio artist Caroline Losneck (@CarolineLosneck). An homage to a place that used to be something years ago and now will transition with progress into something newer and modern.