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Portland Press Herald profiles Good News

We were pleased to chat with Dennis Perkins from the Portland Press Herald for a short article about our film, Good News– made with Caroline Losneck. The piece details our experience in the Bayside neighborhood of Portland as we talked with our subject, Edgar Gatto about making the film.

Good News


Very excited to premiere our new film, Good News, at the 2018 Camden International Film Festival. The film has been a year in the making and was co-produced and directed with frequent TLM collaborator, Caroline Losneck. It’s a statement on evolving neighborhoods and what happens when change sweeps through a city. We hope you’ll check it out.

Newsshooter Blog

Dan Chung from just posted a really nice blog post about our film, Diving for Scallops. Check it out here.

Meeting Bill Buckner

Bill Buckner with Christoph Gelfand

Christoph was thrilled to get a chance to meet childhood hero, Bill Buckner at Hadlock Field in Portland, Maine. Buckner, a tremendous ballplayer for many teams (including the Red Sox), was the subject of our lauded 2006 film, Chasing Buckner. Buckner was kind enough years ago to watch the film and send some positive feedback.

Into the Lantern


We’re thrilled to be setting out on an epic new journey, creating content and concepts for Maine Maritime Museum‘s 2017 permanent installation, Into the Lantern. The museum will be expanding their building and creating a working replica of the east lamp (using the original lens) at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. We don’t want to give too much else away, but are excited about all the material we’ll be making in the coming months. Caroline Losneck will be collecting audio for some additional amazing sound creations that will comprise Into the Lantern. Having created a number of other immersive audio/video installations for museums and events, we’re excited to expand upon our ideas for this project! #intothelantern

Kristin Chenoweth at Sardi’s NYC

ABC News

We had the opportunity to do a quick shoot with the lovely and talented Kristin Chenoweth at the famous Sardi’s in NYC on Tuesday. As part of Mother’s Day appreciation, Good Morning America just did a piece on the book, A Letter to My Mom. Check it out here.

March to End Violence

We were honored to take part in a March to End Violence in Portland on December 7th, 2014. The march was organized by the NAACP amongst others. This is a small record of the day (filmed on our exciting new Sony FS7).

Maine Women’s Fund

We just finished a piece for the Maine Women’s Fund, a public foundation, creating lasting change by investing in the power of women and the dreams of girls. The piece was created using available photos and new footage from the organization’s annual luncheon.

American Can Factory

A short we created in collaboration with Portland, Maine audio artist, Caroline Losneck about the pre-demolition cacophony that was the American Can Factory. The factory was an institution in Portland- employing many families for years. Unfortunately, the building’s owners couldn’t keep it active and were forced to demolish it. Turn your speakers up loud for an audio treat. Shot on a single day in March, 2013.


Happy New Year!


It’s a brand new year and TLM has a bunch of big plans for 2013. Stay tuned for news on upcoming projects and our brand new 2012 reel!